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Timings Right X Time Out X Break Away

This Time Out X Break away gilt is a purchase I have been very excited about. She would be the 8th overall Landrace from OYE 2023. Her pigs are sired by the Timings Right boar over at Purple Power. If you have kept up with the Landrace breed at all, you know that Timings Right has produced some very impressive Landrace specimens, including the champion at OYE 2023. If you would like to be the owner of the next Timings right winner be on the lookout for these pigs in the coming weeks and give Jayden a call with any questions 

Born This Way X Deal With It

Now the picture isn't great and I plan on getting a better one before she goes in the crate but this sow is one that I have loved since her days as a show gilt. She is a Deal With It that lines back to the Salty Af sow at Real Time Genetics. She produced a litter last February that has some progeny I am very excited about. I have heard nothing but good things about Born This Way so far. I am very excited to see some of these Born This Way X Deal With It pigs in a showring this spring. Be on the lookout for these exciting Duroc prsopects and give Jayden a call with any questions.